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Lost Girl

Shorts in Competition: Documentary

World Premiere

Iraq | 5 MINUTES | Arabic |


Director Ali Taleb depicts what has happened to the people of Iraq by telling the story of Huda, one of many Iraqi women forced to work in Jordan as a prostitute just to survive. Huda candidly describes her situation and philosophy.


Directed by Ali Taleb

Ali Taleb has made several short films, including The Hero (2006), Hidden (2006), Madness of War (2006), The Miracle (2006), Saddam's Big Dream (2006), Friend of the Devil (2006), Coco Home Less (2006), Grave Digger (2006),The Kidnapping (2007), and The Arab Medic (2007).
Naseer Shamma
Aaron Raskin
Director of Photography
Ali Salah