Shorts in Competition: Narrative

World Premiere

Iran | 7 MINUTES | English |


Female Director(s)

This abstract film is about a woman's life: the ideals, the norms, the things that actually exist, and the fantasies. As she questions love, humanity, identity, freedom, and femininity, audiences observe her life in ambiguous ways.


Directed by Bahar Behbahani

Bahar Behbahani (b. 1973, Tehran) is an Iranian artist who lives and works in New York and Tehran. She received her diploma from the School of Plastic Arts in 1991, her BA in painting in 1995 and her MA in painting in 1998. Before she had graduated high school, she had witnessed a revolution, an eight-year war, and her country in the midst of uncertainty, repression, hope, and contradiction. These were and are the prevalent forces surrounding her. As an artist she continues these struggles, constantly reexamining love, femininity, identity, and humanity.

Sound Designer
Negar Behbahani
Director of Photography
Kaveh Shah M.L.
Executive Producer
Pooya Aryanpour
Principal Cast
Andre Hovsepian, Bahar Behbahani