Supply and Demand
North American Premiere

Supply and Demand

Shorts in Competition: Narrative
| France | 18 MINUTES | French

Jacques is hired as an assistant to a medical examiner in a morgue. He is very pleased with his new situation but, as the number of corpses becomes very low, he is laid off. Fortunately a period of abundance follows. There are many new autopsies to be performed, and Jacques might be somehow linked to it.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Frédéric Farrucci

Frédéric Farrucci (b. 1970, Ajaccio, Corsica) lives in Paris. He studied economics and worked as a consultant for a few years before joining the film industry in 2003, when he worked in production management. He is currently directing a series of six documentaries about Corsican contemporary history for French channel France3. Supply and Demand is his first narrative short film.

Production Designer
Marie Delfau
Gregory Louis
Director of Photography
Elin Kirschfink
Guillaume Benski, Pablo Mehler
Raphael Naquet
Vincent Zuffranieri
Principal Cast
Bernard Alane, Cyprien Fouquet, Alain Blazquez, Marc Wilhelm
Frédéric Farucci


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