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My Mother Said

Shorts in Competition: Documentary

New York Premiere

USA | 5 MINUTES | Ilocano, English |


Female Director(s), Documentary
In this day and age, when everything is documented and even cell phones have cameras, there is one woman who has no souvenirs or photos of her beloved mother. Meet Elena Bautista, Filipino and 99 years young! In this experimental documentary, Elena reflects on her long life, her mother's death, and her own impending death, which she faces fearlessly. The only thing she laments is not having any physical remembrances of her mother, but even so, Elena's story reminds us how powerful a souvenir one's memories can be.


Directed by Jessica Sison

Jessica Sison has screened her documentaries in film festivals all over the world, and her broadcast work has shown on PBS and the WB. My Mother Said is her documentary directorial debut. Her next documentary is about her family's unusual participation in the Bataan death march during WWII.
Principal Cast
Elena Bautista
Elise Lebec
Beatriz Bautista Ladiana, Miraflor Spingola, Gudelia Sison
Music Research
Beatriz Bautista Ladiana
Motion Graphics
Catherine Kelly