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World Premiere

USA, Philippines | 20 MINUTES | Tagalog |


Drama, Female Director(s)
Lourdes is a teacher, a mother and a wife. Always placing others first, she is determined to help the women around her. But faced with the possibility of her husband's infidelity, can she find the strength to help herself? Set against the backdrop of 1960s Philippines, Nagpapanggap portrays a woman's struggle with social mores and the compromises she must make to salvage her ethics and her own sense of worth.


Directed by Debbie Formoso

DEBBIE FORMOSO's short films have screened at several international film festivals, including the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival and the Hawaiian International Film Festival. Nagpapanggap recently won Best Screenplay at the Loyola Marymount University "Film Outside the Frame" Student Film Festival. Upon receiving her MFA from LMU's School of Film and Television in 2006, she was awarded a Sony TAG Fellowship.