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New York Premiere

Hungary, France, Austria | 90 MINUTES | Hungarian |



A wildly inventive and often grotesque panoply of sordid characters engaging in almost indescribable acts, this dark comedy by György Pàlfi, the director of the acclaimed Hukkle, takes on no less than Hungary's difficult history, from the post-WWII era to the present. It's hard to imagine a more unusual and mordant telling of that past, as Pàlfi takes us through three generations of men in a deeply twisted family: a depraved and abused orderly living in post-war militaristic Hungary, his singularly illbegotten and massively obese son who is a champion soup eater during the Communist period, and a scrawny taxidermist grandson who contends with the country's present-day consumerist and capitalist tendencies. Brimming with images that range from hilarious to awe-inspiring to downright disgusting, including a fire-breathing penis, frighteningly large cats raised on margarine, and a remarkable variety and abundance of bodily fluids, Taxidermia gleefully delves deep into human (and animal) desires, reveling in its own excess while simultaneously lambasting how people treat each other, and themselves. Harnessing the power of his fantastic visual style to create a world of distortions, monstrosities and nasty surprises, Pàlfi offers a film that pushes the boundaries of tastefulness while relentlessly challenging the limits of imagination. With a soundtrack by acclaimed musician, DJ and producer Amon Tobin. A Tartan U.S.A. Release.