Greetings From Earth
World Premiere

Greetings From Earth

| USA | 15 MINUTES | English
Female Director(s)
Helen, caught in a mundane, routine suburban existence, sees a way of escaping the confines of everyday realities when a self-help guru promises ultimate happiness by separating the soul from the body. She says goodbye to her body and sets out on a spiritual quest -- eating as much as she wants and traveling to all the places she has always wanted to see along the way -- only to realize that even the mind has limitations just as the body does.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Kim Jacobs
KIM JACOBS is a graduate of the ArtCenter in California. She and her directing partner, Alain Briere, have helmed many memorable commercials for Energizer, Nissan, Visa, Merrill Lynch, and the ESPN X Games. Jacobs has begun branching out into individual creative projects of her own, but the team continues to direct spots worldwide.


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