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World Premiere

USA | 14 MINUTES | English, Spanish |


Pablo, a Peruvian street kid, abandons his job of selling gum to tourists to help an American girl, Mary, find her mother. Trouble arises when Pablo’s older brother Mano protests the idea and abandons Pablo and Mary in favor of making money. But Pablo’s noble, selfless decision to help his new friend forever alters his life and his comprehension of their varying cultures.


Directed by Josh Hyde

Josh Hyde was born in 1979 to an American father and a Filipino immigrant mother. After graduating from Southern Illinois University with a B.A. in Cinema and Photography, he left Carbondale for Cuzco, Peru, where he directed a documentary, Despacho. Hyde later worked as a translator on The New Americans, met his mentor Steve James (Hoop Dreams), and began writing the screenplay for Chicle. In the summer of 2004 Hyde returned to Cuzco to shoot Chicle and soon hopes to make a feature-length version of the film.