3719 Broadleaf Road
New York Premiere

3719 Broadleaf Road

| USA | 15 MINUTES | English
Sam hates the scary movies his parents force him to watch on “family movie night.” But on one such movie night in 1982 the horror seems to be coming from his own suburban home. Is that Dad upside—down in gravity boots, or is that a vision from the twilight zone?

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Max Hoffman
Max Hoffman’s introduction to filmmaking came through working with independent producer and director Roger Corman. Thereafter he has worked in various positions on several independent and studio movies. He got his first writing job when he was hired by 20th Century Fox to script a high-concept special effects screenplay for director Jan DeBont. Since then, he has written Bitzi, an animated movie for Disney feature animation, as well as projects for several independent production companies. 3719 Broadleaf Road is Hoffman’s first short film. Currently, Hoffman is in pre-production on his first feature film Under the Hammock.


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