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World Premiere

Germany | 112 MINUTES | English, German, Russian |


Sports, Documentary

One name—two brothers. Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko have both been world champion heavyweight boxers, they both hold PhDs, and they both refuse to fight one another. Director Sebastian Dehnhardt's comprehensive portrait of the brothers is an insightful and personal look at the lives of two boys from the Ukraine who would become international sports stars.

Candid interviews with the duo (along with their mother and father) shed light on their childhood spent on Soviet military bases during the Cold War, their strictly regimented life, how they got into boxing, and how Chernobyl affected them. The brothers' candidness forms the heart of the film. As the story moves into their careers from their early fights, the Olympics, and their encounters with the likes of Don King and Mike Tyson, a clearer picture emerges of their similarities and differences in and out of the ring. With a plethora of archival material and interviews with boxing luminaries, Klitschko is a stylish, illustrative look at two brothers who are more than just champions in the boxing ring.


Directed by Sebastian Dehnhardt and Sebastian Dehnhardt

SEBASTIAN DEHNHARDT is a German director and screenwriter and co-founder of the production Company Broadview. Among his honors are a German Television Award in 2004, an International Emmy Award in 2005, and the Banff Television Rockie Award in 2010.
Stefan Ziethen
Lars Roland
Director of Photography
Johannes Imdahl
Leopold Hoesch
Sebastian Dehnhardt
Primary Cast
Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir Klitschko, Wladimir Rodionowitsch Klitschko, Nadeschda Uljanowna Klitschko, Emanuel Steward, Larry Merchant
Assistant Director
Peter Wolf


Technical Contact
Niko Remus
Cologne, 50677
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Main Contact
Leopold Hoesch
Cologne, 50678
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