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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

World Documentary Competition

North American Premiere

USA | 81 MINUTES | Japanese |



An appetizing documentary in every sense, Jiro Dreams of Sushi follows 85-year-old master sushi chef Jiro Ono, owner of the esteemed 10-seat, $300-a-plate Sukiyabashi Jiro restraurant in Tokyo. From the ins and outs of the tuna auction to the proper way to massage an octopus, director David Gelb dynamically profiles all aspects of the craft in mouthwatering style and detail, paying lushly photographed homage to the process of preparing the artisan sushi that earned Jiro an elite three Michelin stars.

Beyond its cinematic celebration of the art of sushi, Jiro is also a film fundamentally about family, tradition, and the value of hard work. The complicated relationship between the master and Yoshikazu, his son and heir apparent, is a story of legacy, succession, and intergenerational tension—universal themes that transcend the specificity of their epicurean world. This emotionally resonant study of a son living in his father's shadow is couched in an operatic spectacle of some of the world's preeminent chefs at work, making Jiro a tasty treat that will satisfy all viewers' cinematic cravings.

Tickets for the added screening on 4.30 are all $15, and all proceeds will go to the Japan Society's Earthquake Relief Fund.


Note: Passes not accepted for charity screening.

Co-hosted by

Japan Society

Updated 4.29:

Tickets for the added screening on 4.30 are all $15, and all proceeds will go to the Japan Society's Earthquake Relief Fund.


Directed by David Gelb

DAVID GELB graduated from USC's film production program and has worked on various music videos, short films, and documentaries, most notably directing A Vision of Blindness, an extensive behind-the-scenes look at Fernando Meirelles' film Blindness. David has been a sushi aficionado since his childhood. This is his first feature film.
Brandon Driscoll-Luttringer
David Gelb
Director of Photography
David Gelb
Primary Cast
Jiro Ono, Yoshikazu Ono, Masuhiro Yamamoto, Takashi Ono, Hachiro Mizutani
David Gelb, Kevin Iwashina, Tom Pellegrini
Executive Producer
Matt Weaver, Joey Carey, Stefan Nowicki


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