White White World
North American Premiere

White White World

| Germany, Sweden, Serbia | 121 MINUTES | Serbian

In this beautiful and brutal drama, King, a handsome boxer-turned-barman falls for teenage Rosa, a dynamic and untamable beauty in the decaying Serbian mining town of Bor. Soon after, Rosa's once-seductive mother Ruzica emerges from prison, now hardened after a seven-year sentence for murdering her husband to protect her lover, and finds her daughter falling into the same self-destructive pitfalls. Unable to bear her oppressive mother, Rosa flees to the big city with Tiger, a young drug addict who lives with her, only to be pursued by the obdurate King. Their star-crossed love triggers a powerful series of events that drive the residents of Bor inexorably toward a fateful and moving finale.

Reminiscent of classical Greek theater, White White World is an epic, operatic tragedy staged against the stark landscape of a crumbling mining town. Incorporating intimate and stirring musical soliloquies seamlessly into a slow-burn drama of murder, addiction, and doomed love, new Serbian auteur Oleg Novkovic crafts an emotionally powerful, formally daring work—timeless, yet unprecedented, and surely one of the boldest visions to emerge from a recent robust crop of current Serbian filmmaking.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Oleg Novkovic and Oleg Novkovic
OLEG NOVKOVIC has been hailed as one of the most important of Serbia's new filmmakers. His sensitive portrayals of ex-Yugoslavia's "lost generation" have won him the attention of international audiences. His previous film, Tomorrow Morning, won several awards.
Uliks Fehmiu, Milena Trobozic-Garfield
Lazar Predojev
Boris Kovac
Director of Photography
Miladin Colakovic
Milena Markovic
Production Designer
Aljosa Spajic
Oleg Novkovic
Primary Cast
Jasna Djuricic, Uliks Fehmiu, Hana Selimovic


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