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Four Lane Highway

World Premiere

USA | 109 MINUTES | English |



Four Lane Highway, a bittersweet modern romance written and directed by Dylan McCormick, engagingly expounds on this idea: It's not easy being the son of a famous writer, even if he's deceased. Sean (Fred Weller), the famous writer's talented son, is still hanging around the Maine college town where his dad once taught, working construction, bartending, and going through the motions of meaningless one-night stands. "The apple doesn't rot too far from the tree," he says world-wearily. Then Sean hits the four-lane highway with his deeply alcoholic, perpetually bleary-eyed college pal, Lyle (Reg Rogers). They're on the road so Sean can reconnect with Molly (Greer Goodman), the artistic blonde he met one night while he was tending bar and who left him two years before to follow her muse to the New York art scene. While Molly has been living the artistic life, Sean has stubbornly refused to make good on his own early promise as a writer because he believes The New Yorker only published the story he wrote a decade before because his father was famous. How does he know the reasons why the magazine did this? Because his boozy father told him so, Sean says. The story of Sean and Molly's love affair, and its unraveling, unfolds in flashback as Sean travels south with Lyle, heading for the Big Apple, where Molly is having her big-town gallery show and Lyle hooks up with Molly's roommate, a young Latina actress.