Bad Blood
World Premiere

Bad Blood

| Canada | 19 MINUTES | English
How far is too far when avenging the death of a lost love? When Davie (Alan Cumming) befriends the serial rapist responsible for his girlfriend's HIV-related death and his own infection, he is actually struggling to find the perfect means of revenge. But Davie may have to use an innocent child as the means to send the remorseless rapist to a horrifying demise.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Kyle Leydier
Kyle Leydier moved to Vancouver after completing film school and has worked as an assistant to producers and actors on several big-budget feature films. He met Peter Cummings and Roger Paul, his creative and business partners in Campfire Films, while working on a film in 2003. He first discovered Bad Blood while reading Irvine Welsh's book Trainspotting five years ago, and has since wanted to make the short film adaptation. Bad Blood is Campfire Films' first production. This project would not have been possible without the generous support of Irvine Welsh, Andrew MacDonald and Jonathan Sissons at Random House UK.


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