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Autograph Book

New York Premiere

11 MINUTES | English, Mandarin |


A schoolgirl's autograph book is an eclectic collection of truisms and poems about friendship. In this story, it is also the cause of a rift between two friends who must decide if their friendship is one worth keeping.


Directed by Li Lin Wee

Li Lin Wee, a 1996 graduate of Brown University, earned a B.A. in Art Semiotics and also spent a semester in NYU's intensive Sight and Sound filmmaking production course. Since graduation, she has been working in Singapore as a freelance television producer/ director. Three of Wee's short films have won awards at the Singapore International Film Festival and two others have received awards at American film festivals. Last year, the Singapore Film Society organized a retrospective of her work, the first ever SFC retrospective of a local short filmmaker.