Yodok: The Musical
World Premiere

Yodok: The Musical

| 153 MINUTES | Korean

Join us for this FREE world premiere screening of a film that captures the live theatrical musical whose backstory is explored in Andrzej Fidyk's TFF '09 documentary Yodok Stories. The performance—shot in Seoul, South Korea in 2006—creatively tells the shocking true story of a group of escapees from one of North Korea's most notorious concentration camps.

Cast & Credits

Sung San Jung was born and raised in Pyongyang, North Korea and defected to South Korea in 1995.

Torstein Grude
Director of Photography
Tore Vollan
Executive Producer
Torstein Grude, Bjarte Mørner Tveit, Therese Jebsen, Jan Ramstad
Sung-San Jung
Cheolhwan Hyuk-Ahn, Sanghak Park, Seongmin Kim
Primary Cast
Yunjung Choi, Jaechung Yim, Junkyum Kim, Kyungsoo Chae, Jonghwa Rhyu, Sundong Kim


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