De Niro Is An Icon: An Exhibit & Immersive Experience

Don’t miss out on this limited run experience celebrating 80 years of Robert De Niro! On view June 6-16th.

De Niro, New York is a first-of-its-kind short, immersive film produced by Little Cinema and showcased within the Hexadome, a cutting-edge structure and format crafted by Berlin's Institute for Sound and Music. This premier installation is supported by ZKM Hertzlabor in Karlsruhe, Germany and powered by Panasonic Solid Shine ™ Laser Projection technology boasting six screens and 52 channels of sound, seamlessly merging pop culture with high art. The film weaves together De Niro's iconic characters from various films, forging new connections and dialogues.

Surrounding the Hexadome is De Niro Is An Icon, an exhibition celebrating the career of Robert De Niro, highlighting themes and collaborative relationships that span decades. The collection on display includes rare images, annotated scripts, costumes, storyboards, research materials, and more. Over 300 items have been sourced, including many materials from Robert De Niro’s personal archive housed at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Texas. Media support for the exhibit is provided by Air Mail, with exhibition design by Pentagram.

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The Rupert Pupkin Hall of Fan Experiences

The Rupert Pupkin Hall of Fan Experiences is the place for De Niro fans to be a king for a day. This space is accessible June 14-16th as a bundled ticket with the De Niro Is an Icon: An Exhibit & Immersive Film and features multiple fan experiences including:

  • Max Cady’s prison tattoo parlor, where artists from local tattoo shop Allied Tattoo will give real fans real tattoos inspired by Cape Fear. Temporary tattoos will also be available for those interested in something less permanent.
  • Travis Bickle’s bedroom; where fans can step up to deliver their own rendition of the famous “You talkin’ to me?” line
  • Sit with Jack Byrnes and Mr. Jinx to take the polygraph test that cracked Greg Focker
  • Slug it out like LaMotta in the opening of Martin Scorsese’s classic Raging Bull
  • And much more!
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