Untold Stories is a multi-year, multi-tier alliance between AT&T and the Tribeca Film Festival that awards $1 million dollars, mentorship, and distribution support to underrepresented filmmakers to produce their films.

This unique partnership has already made an impact on inclusivity in film. Following its first two nationally-distributed films, Nigerian Prince and Lucky Grandma, 2019’s winner Marvelous and the Black Hole will be available for audiences soon. Untold Stories’ next feature Land of Gold will premiere in 2022.

At the 2022 Tribeca Festival, 5 new talented and diverse filmmaking teams will pitch their proposed feature film projects to an esteemed greenlight committee of industry professionals to decide who will be the next $1 million dollar prize recipient. The winning film will be guaranteed a premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Festival, subject to timely delivery of the film and be granted a dedicated “first look” opportunity with HBO Max. The additional 4 teams will receive a $10,000 grant for development support.


Submissions are open October 15 – January 24, 2022.

Please read the FAQs and Rules & Regulations for eligibility and submission information.

2021 One Million Dollar Grant Recipient

Land of Gold
Written and directed by: Nardeep Khurmi

Kiren, a first-generation Punjabi trucker and anxious father-to-be, stumbles across Elena, a 10-year-old undocumented Mexican-American, during a cross-country trip. As Kiren helps Elena find her way home, the unlikely pair connect over a shared history and evolving expectations of what family truly is.
Currently in Production

2019 One Million Dollar Grant Recipient

Marvelous and the Black Hole
Written and Directed by Kate Tsang

Teenage delinquent Sammy Ko teams up with a surly children's party magician on a bizarre adventure to navigate her tumultuous home life and inner demons. A coming-of-age comedy that touches on unlikely friendships, grief, and finding hope in the darkest moments.
Available for audiences soon

2018 One Million Dollar Grant Recipient

Lucky Grandma
Directed by (and Co-written by): Sasie Sealy and Angela Cheng

Set in New York City’s Chinatown, the film follows an ornery, chain-smoking Chinese grandma who goes all in at the casino, landing herself on the wrong side of luck… and in the middle of a gang war.
Available to stream on multiple platforms.

2017 One Million Dollar Grant Recipient

Nigerian Prince
Written and Directed by Faraday Okoro

A troubled American teenager, sent away to his mother's native Nigeria, finds himself entangled in a dangerous web of scams and corruption with a con-artist cousin as his guide.
Available to steam on Netflix and other platforms.