Lake Bell & Malcolm Gladwell + Inside Voice

Lake Bell & Malcolm Gladwell + Inside Voice

Season 1 | Episode 11

This week, Tribeca Audio’s Davy Gardner sits down with actor, writer and director Lake Bell to discuss her newly released audiobook, Inside Voice.

In this episode, following Lake’s interview with Davy Gardner, is a live event recording with Malcolm Gladwell at Pushkin’s Inside Voice opening night event. Listen in as Lake articulates what the voices expressed, the importance of authenticity, and her thoughts on the infamous “Sexy Baby” voice.

Inside Voice: My Obsession with How We Sound—now available wherever you get your audiobooks—examines why people sound the way they do and how one’s voice becomes a strong indicator of their identity. Throughout the audiobook, she interviews experts and some of society’s recognizable voices to explore the impact of voices through social, political, and historical lenses.

Davy Gardner


Davy Gardner hosts Tribeca Audio Premieres. He’s the Head of Tribeca Audio and the Curator of Audio Storytelling at the Tribeca Festival. @DavyGardner

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