A Moment of Male Stripper Magic… Just for You!

So you like “Magic Mike”? Meet “Midnight Train” Mitch.

A Moment of Male Stripper Magic…  Just for You!

As a special thank you to everyone staying home and doing their part to help keep our community safe, Tribeca is proud to present an online series of Tribeca shorts, with a new film rolled out each day for a moment of entertainment and refuge in a world unknown.


A male stripper knocks on the wrong door and is thrust into a seedy criminal underworld. His only chance at survival? Dance. 


Today, Tribeca is excited to premiere “Hard-ish Bodies” — a short that is a little Magic Mike, a little Miami Vice, and a whole lot of fun. 


“Hard-ish Bodies” is written and directed by Mike Carreon, who also stars as the mustachioed hunk with the smooth moves. If you hear a knock on your door, it just might be this male stripper. Do you think they offer contact-free delivery?


We would like to thank the filmmakers for making this short available for a limited time.  Click here for another short.


The Tribeca Film Festival extends its heartfelt thanks to the organizations that have so generously made our mission possible.


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