Shut Up and Drive
World Premiere

Shut Up and Drive

| USA | 75 MINUTES | English
Drama, Female Director(s), Comedy, Relationships, Female Screenwriter(s)
Jane is left with a massive hit to her co-dependent nature when her live-in boyfriend Austin leaves for an acting gig in New Orleans. Her anxiety worsens when a headache in the form of Laura, Austin’s childhood friend, arrives to record an album with the absentee actor. Spurred by Jane’s need to get out of the house and Laura’s spontaneous nature, the two pack up the car and hit the road towards New Orleans. As they struggle to deal with the roadblocks and strange occurrences along the way, the two form an unexpected friendship.

For her second feature Melanie Shaw injects the odd couple road comedy with a down-to-earth portrayal of female friendship and the surprising ways that life brings us together, with ample help from the charming performances of the film’s two dynamic and up-and-coming leads.

—Genna Terranova

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Melanie Shaw
Melanie Shaw was born and raised in Los Angeles. Her short films have been featured in the LA Film Festival, NYU’s New Visions and Voices (2010 Best Director), and more. In 2011, Shaw directed a feature film with theater/film group, The Collectin, called Running Wild.
Melanie Shaw
Melanie Shaw
Story by
Kelsey McNamee, Melanie Shaw, Zoë Worth
Pete Pietrangeli, Dylan Harris, Tatti Ribiero, Zoë Worth
Brad Allen Wilde
Associate Producer
Michael Ciulla, Brad Allen Wilde, Sarah Sutherland
Daniel Chen
Executive Producer
Kim Leadford, Charles Bonan, Daniel McCarney, Felipe Dieppa
Production Designer
Emma Berliner
Art Director
Natalie Ziering
Assistant Director
Eric Mallory Morgan
Sound Mixer
Tim McKeown
Sound Editor
Terence Deutsch
Sarah Sutherland, Zoë Worth, Morgan Krantz, James Duval

US Sales Contact
Nick Ogiony
Creative Artists Agency
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 424 288 2000
Press Contact
Marian Koltai-Levine
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212 373 6130
Print Source
Pete Pietrangeli
StarStream Entertainment
Los Angeles, 90069
Phone: 617 901 5266
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