A Revolution on Canvas (Untitled Nicky Nodjoumi)

Spotlight Documentary

World Premiere

FEATURE | United States | 95 MINUTES | English, Farsi | English subtitles


Documentary, Thriller, Politics, Art, Biography

Following his 2017 film When God SleepsTill Schauder returns to Tribeca co-directing alongside his creative partner, first-time director Sara Nodjoumi with their investigative documentary - celebrating one of Iran’s most revolutionary artists, Nickzad Nodjoumi (more commonly known as Nicky Nodjoumi).

Born in Iran but living in New York City, Nodjoumi traveled back to Iran to join the Islamic Revolution, making paintings and posters criticizing the Shah's regime. In 1980, the painter fled Iran following the protest of his solo exhibition, “Report on the Revolution,” and its subsequent shutdown at the hands of Islamic radicals at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Decades later, the renowned artist and his daughter attempt to track down the missing paintings in hopes of reclaiming them. During the search, Sara, drawing on disarmingly frank conversations with both her father and mother, celebrated artist Nahid Hagigat, and grappling with complex feelings and mysteries tied to her upbringing, traces a timeline of events to understand the circumstances that led to her family’s personal history echoing the treacherous path of many immigrant families caught in the crossfire of politics and life.

Equal parts introspective and investigative, filmmakers Sara Nodjoumi and Till Schauder expertly weave together the personal and political to create a moving narrative about the power of art, sacrifice, and family bonds.--Chelsea Moore

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Directed by Sara Nodjoumi and Till Schauder

Sara Nodjoumi, Till Schauder
Executive Producer (Main Credit)
Sara Rodriguez, Lisa Heller, Nancy Abraham
Sara Nodjoumi & Till Schauder
Till Schauder
Simeon Hutner, Gretchen Hildebran
Sussan Deyhim
Executive Producer
Lisa Heller, Nancy Abraham, Sara Rodriguez
Associate Producer
Clare Haughey
US Distributor
An HBO Documentary Film
Nicky Nodjoumi, Nahid Hagigat


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