Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

Documentary Competition

World Premiere

USA | 87 MINUTES | English | English subtitles


Documentary, Politics, Technology, Journalism
Long before our current era of “fake news,” Marion Stokes was amassing an incredible archive in an effort to protect and tell the truth. Beginning with the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979 and ending in 2012 with the massacre at Sandy Hook, Stokes archived and preserved the television that others were not. She recorded an incredible 70,000 VHS tapes capturing wars, triumphs, catastrophes, and more. The archive reveals the past and how it shaped television and the present moment.

Matt Wolf goes deep inside this captured history of television, providing insight into Stokes as keeper of the archive, while also showing the world that she wanted humanity to see. Taking on the aura of a mystery, Recorder delves into the curious world of a Communist radical and genius recluse who dedicated her life to a seemingly crazy mission, which in the end, is a glorious gift to the world.

—Deborah Rudolph


Directed by Matt Wolf

Matt Wolf's feature documentaries include Wild Combination and Teenage. His recent shorts include Bayard & Me and It’s Me, Hilary.
Matt Wolf
Kyle Martin, Andrew Kortschak, Walter Kortschak
Chris Dapkins, Matt Mitchell
Keiko Deguchi
Owen Pallett
Executive Producer
Andrew Kortschak, Walter Kortschak
Co-Executive Producer
Brendan Doyle, Pete Sillen


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