Necessary Tomorrows: The Last Impala
World Premiere

Necessary Tomorrows: The Last Impala

Official Selections
| United States, Canada | 60 MINUTES
Experimental, Documentary, Politics, Science Fiction, Nature, Technology

In 2065, a reluctant defense lawyer must defend a climate refugee accused of murder. In 2022, writer Christopher Brown and tribal attorney Jack Fiander explain what he killed. Necessary Tomorrows is a podcast series that mixes science fiction and speculative fact to explore how to make better futures.

Cast & Credits
Project Creator
Brett Gaylor
Tess Bartholemew, Chica Barbosa, Toby Lawless
Christopher Brown, Deji Bryce Olukoton, Quelemia Sparrow, Malka Older, Alex Kemp, Brett Gaylor
Camilo Garzón, David Parfit
Executive Producers
Winnie Kemp, Brett Gaylor, Amjad Atallah, Jigar Mehta, Katrine Dermody, Japhet Weeks
Executive Producer
Brett Gaylor, Jigar Mehta, Winnie Kemp
Sound Design
Josh Falcon, David Parfit, Camilo Garzón
David Parfit
Josh Falcon, David Parfit, Camilo Castaño
Alex Kemp, Brett Gaylor
Spring Ines Pena Melissa Perez Garrett Avey Nita Rao Drew Phillips Nacia Walsh

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