World Premiere


Spotlight Documentary
Feature | United States, Canada, Cuba, Netherlands, Nigeria | 80 MINUTES | English, Spanish
New York, Documentary, Art, Technology, Journalism

In the gripping documentary, director Nicholas Bruckman masterfully delves into the intricate and often perplexing world of the forty-billion-dollar NFT (non-fungible token) digital art sphere, chronicling its meteoric rise and eventual fall. Through a combination of candid interviews, vérité footage, and powerful archival film, Bruckman expertly weaves together the multifaceted story of this groundbreaking phenomenon.


The film introduces us to a rich tapestry of artists who have found success in this new artistic landscape, such as Beeple, the creator of the record-breaking $69 million artwork.

Minted spans the entire arc of the NFT craze, from its explosive beginnings in 2021 to its dramatic crash in 2022. Bruckman doesn't shy away from presenting the critical voices within the NFT conversation and gives ample screen time to critics who question the long-term viability and social implications of NFTs. It's a fascinating exploration of the perils and possibilities of this volatile and vibrant world, offering insights into the very essence of human creativity, the value of art, and the transformative power of technology.––Dan Hunt

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Nicholas Bruckman
Nicholas Bruckman
Rahilla Zafar, Shawn Hazelett, Nicholas Bruckman
Shawn Hazelett, Nicholas Bruckman
Erin Collett, Michael Dwyer, Derek Howard, Sam Wolff
Gil Seltzer
Executive Producer
Rahilla Zafar, Maggie Love, JD Kanani, Ryder Haske
Associate Producer
Christian Carvajal

Press Contact
Scott Feinstein
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212 277 7555


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