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FEATURE | France | 88 MINUTES | French | English subtitles


Documentary, LGBTQIA+

27-year-old French gay artist Luc Bruyère is a model, musician, dancer, and drag queen who lost his left arm at birth due to Agenesis and is HIV positive. Bruyère’s physical beauty and rock-star charisma captivates as he recites his insightful musings on life, including: “Performing as a woman is really what made me a man,” and “I don't expect acceptance from others, I take it.” Traveling from Paris to Berlin, Luc navigates a disability while processing how his father left him when he was young leaving his mother with depression. Now reconciled with both parents, they all celebrate his sister’s pregnancy, while Bruyère continues to push forward his art.

In this stunning debut by Loren Denis and Anthony Vibert, they capture an intimate and sincere portrait of a one-armed artist navigating life with a disability while processing parental abandonment, addiction, sex work, and gender while being HIV positive and the stigma that attracts. Bruyère’s inspiring and lyrical outlook on life can be summed up with his carefree poetry, “Constantly being reborn might be a way to cheat death, which is why I have to mutate constantly.” A magnetic hero celebrates his unwavering joie de vivre through his transcendent resilience.--Judd Taylor


Directed by Loren Denis and Anthony Vibert

Loren Denis, Anthony Vibert
Benjamin Duval, Jean-Pierre Gavini
Loren Denis, Anthony Vibert
Sylvestre Dedise
Jack Bartman
Maxime Pozzi, Cecil Cahen
Production Company
Les fils de / Tohubohu
Associate Producer
Stéphanie Schorter, Romain Icard, Thierry Demaizière, Alban Teurlai
Sound Engineer
Nino Guarda
Co-Production Company
Tohu Bohu
Line Producer
François-Charles Le Goff
Luc Bruyère