Down in the Valley


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Sports, Documentary
How far would you go to save your hometown team? For many Sacramento residents, faced with the nearly certain relocation of their beloved Kings, no boardroom was too distant. One native son proved it. Good thing he knows his way around the NBA. Documentarian Jason Hehir follows former pro basketball superstar turned Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson as he takes on team owners, businessmen, league executives, and—most imposing of all—NBA commissioner David Stern to prevent the Kings from leaving Sac-town.

Down in the Valley highlights the strong emotions that underscore a small-market team’s rise and potential fall. Hehir examines the winding route that brought the Kings west from Rochester in the first place, and employs testimony from fans and former players to create a defining examination of what it means to call a team your own: whether you are an owner, advocate, or someone who catches the occasional game. In the case of mayor Johnson, working to reverse the tide of his economically troubled hometown, Down in the Valley is a roaring testament to the passion and power of the fan.

—Arthur Ryel-Lindsey

This feature is preceded by a short film from Marvel Entertainment and ESPN Films' 1 of 1: Origins series, Danica Patrick: Star race car driver Danica Patrick retells the moment she discovered her super power as a 10 year-old racing go-carts. It was on a little track in rural Beloit, Wisconsin where she discovered that she would do anything to win, and found the internal drive and focus to accomplish greatness.


Directed by Jason Hehir

Jason Hehir is a six-time Emmy Award-winning director and producer. His ESPN film The Fab Five debuted as the highest-rated documentary in the network's history. Hehir developed HBO's acclaimed 24/7 series, producing its first two installments including De La Hoya/Mayweather.
Jason Hehir
Nick Eisenberg, Cris DiLegge, Sean Pamphilon, Marquis Daisy
Jason Hehir, Chris Mole
Thomas Stukas
Executive Producer
John Dahl, Connor Schell, Bill Simmons


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