American Factory

Tribeca Critics' Week

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In 2008, the General Motors plant in Dayton, Ohio shut down, leaving thousands of Ohioans out of work. Years later, Chairman Cao Dewang, CEO of the Chinese company Fuyao Glass, opens an American wing of his sprawling, multi-billion-dollar company in that very same plant, hiring thousands of Dayton locals and kicking off one of the strangest tales of international labor and cross-cultural contact committed to screen.

Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar’s American Factory is a wry look at what happens when America’s economic vulnerability comes toe-to-toe with a new era of ambitious Chinese expansion. It’s a tale threaded through with cinema verite scenes of union meetings and management pow-wows, and on and on, until what emerges is a difficult, often funny, but altogether urgent look at the future of labor. An unsettling question hangs over the company and the story: Will America’s Fuyao Glass employees succeed in unionizing?

How and why, and whether the upper management is able to do anything to stop it, serve as the backbone for American Factory. It’s a bit of everyday political drama that has implications, not only for these workers’ lives, but for how we come to understand the broader disconnects between laborer and boss--and by extension, America and China.

—K. Austin Collins


Directed by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert

Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert are Academy Award®-nominated documentary filmmakers whose work has screened at Sundance, Telluride, SXSW, and other major festivals, as well as on the PBS series Independent Lens, which won a Primetime Emmy Award®. Their films have, for the most part, told stories of typical citizens grappling with questions of agency and how to have a decent life.
Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert
Executive Producer (Main Credit)
Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann
Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert, Jeff Reichert, Julie Parker Benello
Steven Bognar, Aubrey Keith, Jeff Reichert, Julia Reichert, Erick Stoll
Lindsay Utz


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