Blind Camel
New York Premiere

Blind Camel

| India | 84 MINUTES | Hindi
In the small village of Dhrang, in the northwest of India near the border with Pakistan, the rules are crystal clear: No one is allowed to cross the border, especially not a small child. One day, Sonu takes on the exciting and challenging task of minding his family's camels. As he leads the animals out to graze, his sister Lakhami joins him. When they stop to rest and drink some water, the unattended camels walk away. Sonu has no choice but to go after them -- wherever the search may lead. Before he knows it, he's crossed the border. What will he find? Whom will he meet? A beguiling desert adventure, in Hindi with English subtitles, Vinod Ganatra's debut feature was the only Indian film to win an award at this year's Golden Elephant International Children's Film Festival at Hyderabad.


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