World Premiere

USA | 108 MINUTES | Spanish, English |


The world of Marisol Torres' Boricua is populated by a diverse array of characters, all living in the same Chicago neighborhood. There's Lola, a vivacious college student who loves her philosophy class and embraces all sorts of pleasures; Willie, a small-time drug dealer stuck in the old ways of the 'hood, not looking to change; Herman, who's trying to improve himself through a career in real estate, but is forced to make choices that compromise his integrity and his friends; and Tata, a woman intent on winning the Puerto Rican Day Beauty Pageant -- if she can prove to the community that she is, in fact, Puerto Rican. Utilizing a style reminiscent of Do the Right Thing, Torres follows these characters as they make their way through the days leading up to the Puerto Rican Day Parade. As in Spike Lee's film, a colorful group of minor characters rounds out the superb cast, and the subtly interwoven stories all come together at the film's climax. Torres' unique voice marks her as a new writer/director to watch.