Bored in Brno

New York Premiere

103 MINUTES | Czech |


If you put the large end of a light bulb in your mouth, you will not be able to pull it out. So why are people still compelled to do so? And are 150,000 couples really having sex every night in Brno, as an actor on a television show claims? Writer/director Vladimír Morávek's clever sex comedy, Bored in Brno, subtitled A Comedy about Defying Fate, attempts to answer such questions by exploring one day and night of sex and love in the Czech Republic's second largest city. Deftly weaving together multiple storylines, the film focuses on Standa and Olinka, a shy couple who meet at a sports event for the mentally retarded. Standa's brother and Olinka's friends help train the two virginal lovers for their first dinner date, with the hope of thrusting them towards an amorous climax. But these experienced tutors are just as comically inept at expressing their passions as our naive heroes. With great wit and surprise, the film unites the wide array of characters in its poetically dazzling and satisfying dénouement. Bored in Brno toppled the Oscar®-nominated favorite Zelary to win the Czech Lion Award for best Czech film of 2003, and went on to collect four other top awards. Taking inspiration from Kusturica and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Morávek's wry comedic debut bursts forth with a talent sure to be closely followed.