Bloody Footy

North American Premiere

Australia | 15 MINUTES | English, Italian |


To the alarm of his soccer-loving Italian father, Mario wants a genuine Australian Rules football for his tenth birthday. Vito fears that if Aussie Rules wins out over his beloved soccer, it could foreshadow terrible things for his family and guide Mario away from his Italian heritage. It's only with some divine intervention that Papa realizes if he gives a little, he'll gain a lot, and ultimately it is only the shape of the ball that was different. In turns both hilarious and heartwarming, father and son ultimately join hands on different fields.


Directed by Ishai Setton and Dean Chircop

Dean Chircop has been directing short drama projects, music videos, and television commercials for eight years. Bloody Footy (2005) and The Parlour (2002) were both screened at the Berlinale Festival, the Los Angles International Short Film Festival, and the Chicago International Children's Festival. He teaches at the Griffith University Film School.