Unknown Premiere

10 MINUTES | English |


When Jack and Jill's baby began crying incessantly, they thought it was a phase. Nine months later, they were still hoping. Sitting on a park bench, Jack can't imagine his life will ever be normal again. If only that baby didn't cry so much. If only they had a baby like everyone else's. Just as they are about to lose hope, Fate decides to lend Jack a helping hand...This fun-loving short that calls to mind Look Who's Talking is sure to go over big with anyone who went through a "phase" in their youth.


Directed by Ronan Burke, Ishai Setton, and Rob Burke

Both graduates of the Dublin Institute of Technology's film department, Ronan and Rob Burke chose to collaborate for the first time on the comic short Jellybaby. Friends since childhood, they have created a number of other shorts, including Moving Day and Smalltalk, which won the 2002 Jameson Award for best student short.