Between 2 Houses

World Premiere

Netherlands | 39 MINUTES | No Dialogue |


Oscar and Stella are married, and their cohabitation has taken on all the mundane trappings of routine. But when their neighbor Poortman goes on vacation and leaves them his key so that they can water his plants, the empty apartment across the terrace becomes a place where Oscar and Stella's imaginations can run wild. Stella soon stumbles upon a stranger sleeping in Poortman's bed, at which point events take a significant turn, and the line between fantasy and reality becomes increasingly blurred.


Directed by Clara van Gool

Clara van Gool graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy in 1985. Her short Reservaat screened at the 1989 Dutch Film Festival and was that year's Oscar® entry. Courzand and Bitings & Other Effects received several awards, while Achilles, an adaptation of a performance by DV8 Physical Theatre, won the International Emmy Award for Performing Arts in 1997. Van Gool is currently working on two screenplays and is developing "dance-film," her own cinematic language.