World Premiere


Shorts in Competition: Narrative
| USA | 8 MINUTES | English
Comedy, Relationships
Jack has been "best friends forever" with Jill since she moved to Brooklyn. One day Jill arrives unexpectedly at Jack's apartment to discuss her growing anxiety over her boyfriend's increasingly erratic behavior. Jack, against his own best judgment, offers to shadow Jill's boyfriend to uncover the truth. The truth, however, does not always set you free.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Neil LaBute and Neil LaBute
Neil LaBute is the acclaimed playwright of The Shape of Things, Fat Pig, Some Girls, and the Tony-nominated Reasons To Be Pretty. He debuted his first film, In the Company of Men, at Sundance in 1997 and has also directed Your Friends and Neighbors, Nurse Betty, and Lakeview Terrace.
Daryl Freimark
Tim Harms
Sound Designer
Ron Eng
Director of Photography
Danny Vecchione
Primary Cast
Thomas Sadoski, Gia Crovatin, Chris Henry Coffey
Tim Harms

Director's Agent
Nicole Clemens
10250 Constellation Blvd, 9th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: (310) 550-4421
Press Contact
Tim Harms
Contemptible Entertainment
1202 Poinsettia Drive West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone: 323-798-5318
Sales Agent
Daryl Freimark
Hardball Entertainment
114 President Street #2 Brooklyn, NY 11231
Phone: 917 991 1377


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