Challenging Impossibility
World Premiere

Challenging Impossibility

Shorts in Competition: Documentary
| USA | 28 MINUTES | English
Sports, Documentary

This film chronicles the weightlifting odyssey of the spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy, who at the age of 53 surprisingly took up weightlifting. His lifts were featured on newscasts worldwide, inspiring people to transcend their personal limitations and to abandon their concepts of the restrictions of physical age.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Natabara Rollosson, Natabara Rollosson, and Sanjay Rawal
NATABARA ROLLOSSON has spanned advocacy, media, education, policy, and film/video in his work. He contributed to Angelina Jolie's doc A Place in Time. SANJAY RAWAL was an adviser to the producers of TFF award winner Pray the Devil Back to Hell. His first short doc was Ocean Monk.
Sanjay Rawal, Natabara Rollonson
Primary Cast
Bill Pearl, Frank Zane, Hugo Girard, Carl Lewis, Mike Katz, Wayne Demilla
Mridanga Spencer
Sanjay Rawal, Natabara Rollosson
Associate Producer
Jennifer Hickman, Abakash Konopiaty, Bishwas Polissar

Main Contact
Sanjay Rawal
Illumine Group, LLC
Jamaica, NY 11432
Phone: 347.866.3766


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