A Quiet Life
New York Premiere

A Quiet Life

| Italy, Germany, France | 100 MINUTES | Italian, German
Drama, Crime

Two decades after faking his death and disappearing from Naples, onetime hit man Rosario has earned all the rewards of a simple life in rural Germany. He has a lovely young wife, a new son, and a gratifying job as the proprietor of a restaurant and hotel. Then a young Italian man arrives in town on a mysterious mission with his hot-headed buddy in tow. When they're in need of a place to stay, it's not long before they arrive at Rosario's doorstep, and quickly the past comes flooding back.

A richly textured performance from the great Toni Servillo (Il Divo, Gomorrah) anchors this slow-burn dramatic thriller, a brilliant addition to the new school of sophisticated Italian crime films that focus more on character than action. Behind Rosario's mild-mannered façade, glimpses of an ingrained, inescapable violence seep out even before the Napolitani show up. Director Claudio Cupellini—never once resorting to hysterical "mob movie" clichés—orchestrates a subtle, accelerating suspense around Servillo's role as a conflicted family man whose attempts to protect those he loves the most invite only more pain.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Claudio Cupellini and Claudio Cupellini
CLAUDIO CUPELLINI studied with Paolo Virzì and Daniele Luchetti at Rome's Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. From 1999 to 2005 he made several short films including Le diable au vélo and Chi ci ferma più. His first feature was the 2008 comedy Lessons in Chocolate, which was nominated for a David di Donatello Award.
Filippo Gravino, Guido Iuculano, Claudio Cupellini
Set Design
Erwin Prib
Director of Photography
Gergely Pohárnok
Claudio Cupellini
Michael Busch
Fabrizio Mosca, Christervon Lindequist, Fabio Conversi
Teho Teardo
Primary Cast
Toni Servillo, Marco D'Amore, Francesco Di Leva, Juliane Köhler, Leonardo Sprengler, Alice Dwyer

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Delphine Eon
Beta Cinema
Oberhaching, D-82041
Phone: 0049 8967346980
Print Source
Fabrizio Mosca
Acaba Produzioni
Rome, 00194
Phone: +39 066 880 9664
Main Contact
Andreas Rothbauer
Beta Cinema
Oberhaching, 82041
Phone: 49-896-7346-9829
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