Tribeca Talks At Home

Tribeca Talks At Home


In honor of the 30th anniversary of 1990’s Awakenings and in celebration of late legendary neurologist Oliver Sacks, watch a very special Tribeca Talks At Home featuring Robert De Niro, whose character is “awakened” after spending decades in a coma-like; Kate Edgar, Oliver Sacks’ long-time editor, friend, and colleague; producer Walter Parkes; and Ric Burns, director of the new documentary Oliver Sacks: His Own Life. (Footage courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment)

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Tribeca Talks At Home

This year, you’re getting a front-row seat to Tribeca’s signature Tribeca Talks presented by AT&T — because we’re bringing all the conversations into your home! Join us exclusively on Facebook for a series of intimate, festival-style Q&As with the creators and stars behind movies and TV shows you’re loving right now — and the ones you’ll be binge-watching in the future. 

Directors Series

Directors Series with Nicholas Hoult & Drake Doremus
Acclaimed actor Nicholas Hoult interviews director Drake Doremus about his fascination with human relationships, what it’s like to release a film during quarantine, and Doremus’ unique improvisational approach to directing actors by examining their previous collaborations.
Directors Series with Karyn Kusama & Lisa Cholodenko
Join directors Lisa Cholodenko and Karyn Kusama for a discussion on their distinctive approaches to character-driven and genre film. The duo talks about their past works and reflect on the evolution of their creative careers, plus what’s changed for the industry over the years.

Race & the Industry

Race & the Industry - "The Gatekeepers"
Diversity behind the camera is just as important as diversity on-screen. For our latest episode of Tribeca Talks at Home: Race & the Industry, we tackle gatekeeping: Who decides what stories get told? And how do those decisions limit emerging storytellers? Joining us this time is a panel of amazing creatives and execs: Darcy Heusel, Vice President of Audience Engagement and Impact at NEON; Jenna Bond, Staff Writer at Starz; and Jihan Robinson, Head of Documentary at Quibi. In a discussion moderated by Cortney Wills, Entertainment Director at TheGrio, these trailblazing women dig into the ways inclusive creative teams can help filmmakers get a foot in the door, build their platforms, and distribute their work.
Race & the Industry - "Represent: The Power of Being Seen"
Our Tribeca Talks At Home: Race and the Industry series continues with an eye-opening discussion about seeing your community and identity reflected on screen. “Represent: The Power of Being Seen” features filmmakers and Tribeca alums Stefon Bristol, Raquel Cepeda, and Carlos Javier Ortiz, who open up about their experiences and talk about ways to combat  systemic bias in the entertainment industry through art and activism.
Race & the Industry - "Cut to Black"
Tribeca Talks At Home: Race & the Industry features storytellers and film executives candidly discussing the racism and systemic bias that has long-been a widespread issue in Hollywood. In our episode “Cut to Black,” veteran producer Warrington Hudlin — founder of the Black Filmmaker Foundation — and Burning Cane director Phillip Youmans dive into the Black independent film movement and dish on getting their films in front of audiences.

Queen Collective

Queen Latifah & Regina Hall on Queen Collective (Part 1)
The Queen Collective program is a collaboration between Queen Latifah, Tribeca Studios, and Procter & Gamble that celebrates gender and racial diversity behind the camera by uplifting burgeoning multicultural women filmmakers through mentoring, distribution opportunities, and production support. Join Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, and this year’s Queen Collective filmmakers for a conversation about how they brought their stories to life..
Queen Latifah & Regina Hall with the Queen Collective Filmmakers (Part 2)
The Queen Collective program is a collaboration between Queen Latifah, Tribeca Studios, and Procter & Gamble that celebrates gender and racial diversity behind the camera by uplifting burgeoning multicultural women filmmakers through mentoring, distribution opportunities, and production support. Join Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, and this year’s Queen Collective filmmakers for a conversation about how they brought their stories to life..

Film & TV

John Lewis: Good Trouble
For decades, Congressman John Lewis has been fighting for civil rights, gun control, immigration and healthcare reform, and voting rights. “John Lewis: Good Trouble” chronicles his years of social activism through rare archival footage and interviews. Director Dawn Porter, producer Erika Alexander, and composer Tamar-kali join moderator Yance Ford for Tribeca Talks At Home to reflect on Lewis’ continued work and legacy.
Athlete A
In Netflix’s “Athlete A,” an article in the August 2016 “Indianapolis Star” leads to shocking revelations about USA Gymnastics’ role in protecting coaches accused of abuse. Directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk join senior programmer Liza Domnitz for Tribeca Talks At Home, where they discuss the emotional journey of bringing this explosive story to the screen..
Join us to discuss the new documentary “Disclosure,” an in-depth look into Hollywood’s depiction of transgender people and how their stories impact the transgender community and influence American culture. Moderated by Tribeca senior programmer Lucy Mukerjee, the talk features director Sam Feder, executive producer Laverne Cox, and actress Jen Richards. “Disclosure” premieres June 19 on Netflix..
Join us for a rousing conversation about the claustrophobic thriller which covers everything from behind-the-scenes production stories to the panelists’ favorite quarantine foods.  Featuring cast members Lily Collins & Simon Pegg, and Director Vaughn Stein; Moderated by Tribeca’s Cara Cusumano. INHERITANCE premieres April 23 on DirecTV
An emotional conversation featuring healthcare activist Ady Barkan, whose nationwide campaign in spite of his declining physical abilities from ALS is documented in NOT GOING QUIETLY, touches on healthcare and the changing state of film distribution as a result of Covid-19.  Featuring activist and doc subject Ady Barkan, Executive Producers Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, & Bradley Whitford, Director Nicholas Bruckman, and Producer Amanda Roddy; Moderated by The Atlantic‘s Isaac Dovere.
Based on the bestselling novel, the cast and filmmakers of Hulu’s adaptation discuss their behind-the-scenes process, including working with an intimacy coach to create their “crushingly intimate” (Variety) and “breathtakingly intimate” (Indiewire) romantic drama.  Featuring cast members Daisy Edgar-Jones & Paul Mescal, Director Lenny Abrahamson, and Executive Producer Ed Guiney; Moderated by Elle’s Julie Kosin.
NORMAL PEOPLE premieres April 29 on Hulu
Alice Wu is joined by the cast of her charming and moving LGBT high school Cyrano story.  Featuring Director Alice Wu, cast members Leah Lewis, Alexxis Lemire, and Daniel Diemer; Moderated by Tribeca’s Lucy Mukerjee.
THE HALF OF IT premieres May 1 on Netflix
Cory Finley’s widely acclaimed dark comedy is based on a true crime story of fraud and embezzlement at an elite New York school, which writer Mike Makowsky experienced firsthand as a student.  Featuring Director Cory Finley & Writer Mike Makowsky.
BAD EDUCATION premieres April 25 on HBO
The must-watch short-form doc series from EP LeBron James & newly launched Quibi follows a year in an experimental elementary school.  This conversation brings together the filmmakers and subjects for a behind-the-scenes conversation about filmmaking and education.  Featuring director Marc Levin, doc subject and school principal Brandi Davis, and Michele Campbell of the LeBron James Foundation; Moderated by New York Times’s Erica Green.
I Promise premieres April 6 on Quibi
Stars Elle Fanning and Nicolas Hoult discuss their roles as young Catherine the Great and Peter III in Hulu’s quirky, modern-tinged telling from the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of The Favourite. Featuring cast cembers Elle Fanning & Nicholas Hoult, Writer Tony McNamara, and Executive Producer Marian MacGowen.
The Great premieres May 15 on Hulu


We’ve gathered the innovative creators behind our Cinema360 “Kinfolk” program for a special conversation on their work and the meaning of nostalgia, home, and family. Join moderator Loren Hammonds for an intimate discussion with “Ferenj: A Graphic Memoir In VR” director Ainslee Robson, director Diego Kompel of “The Inhabited House,” and Min-Wei Kuo (on behalf of “Home” director Hsu Chih-yen).
Is everything you’re experiencing real? Our #TribecaCinema360 “Seventeen Plus” program makes the immersive experience feel like reality and, now, the creators are joining us for our next Cinema360 panel. Voices of VR’s Kent Bye moderates our latest panel discussion with Dimitris Tsilifonis, Enrique Agudo, and Mihai Grecu, the creators behind our story-rich “Seventeen Plus” immersive program, available for at-home viewing thanks to Oculus.
When dreams are just about the only way to travel right now, our curated #TribecaCinema360 “Dreams to Remember” immersive slate is utterly transporting. And today, the creators behind these mesmerizing journeys of adventure are joining us for a discussion on the transformative possibilities of virtual reality.. Loren Hammonds, Senior Programmer of Film & Immersive, moderates our latest #TribecaAtHome panel discussion with some of the creators behind this fantastical program: Maria Courtial, Youngyun Song, Sngmoo Lee, Brooke Danaher, Will Perkins, Tal Midyan and Oleg Nikolaenko.
Take a break from reality. Today’s #TribecaCinema360 panel features creators behind our “Pure Imagination” immersive experience: Samantha Quick, Si-Hup Sung, Carol Liu, Shannon Jackson, and Van Phan. Moderated by Ingrid Kopp.