Wu-Tang In Space Eating Impossible Sliders

Wu-Tang In Space Eating Impossible Sliders

Tribeca X Award
| USA | 16 MINUTES | English
Director Sam Spiegel teamed up with Impossible Foods and White Castle for this online mini-series stemming from the belief that a new paradigm must be created when it comes to what we’re eating, one that emphasizes our need to protect the future of the planet. They sent the iconic Wu-Tang Clan into space for an intergalactic, delicious vegan mission: to enjoy their new plant-based sliders while pondering the many questions the galaxy has yet to answer. Reminiscent of a ‘60s-style sci-fi TV show, the message is hilarious and philosophical with Wu-Tang imparting their wisdom on audiences to think about their place in the universe, all the while keeping them deeply entertained.

Playing in the program:
Tribeca X Short & Episodic Finalists

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Sam Spiegel
Sam Spiegel
Vincent Terrazzino
Dan Curry, Sasha Markova, Sam Spiegel
Agency Executive Producer
Craig Keppler
Robert Yeoman
Austyn Daines
Sam Spiegel, Rob Barbato, Lucas Cantor
Production Company
Michael Di Girolamo, Sarah McMurray, Earl McDaniel; Agency: Craig Keppler
Impossible Foods, White Castle
Impossible Foods In-House, Merkley + Partners
Executive Creative Director
Sasha Markova
Creative Director
Giselle Guerrero
Executive Managing Director
Heather Huestis
Agency Creatives
Kali Adams, Karina Korol, Casey Ellison, Mia Matthews
Production Designer
Matthew Holt
Wu-Tang clan's GZA , Wu-Tang clan's RZA, Wu-Tang clan's Ghostface Killah, Jolee Dunn, Pat Brown , Star, Melinda Lee Holm
Art Director
Melissa Broker


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