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Spotlight Documentary
Feature | United States | 78 MINUTES | Austro-Bavarian, English | English subtitles
Documentary, Food, Biography

From acclaimed filmmaker and Tribeca alum David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Chef’s Table) comes another mouthwatering delight of a film about one of the first “celebrity chefs” to rule the scene and a pioneer in the world of California cuisine, Wolfgang Puck. Pushing beyond the sunny, superstar persona, Gelb follows Puck as he revisits his birthplace in Austria, revealing an abusive childhood that pushed him to flee home and fight for a life of his own as a teenager. With Puck steadily gaining life confidence and cooking know-how in his homeland, France and, eventually, America, he would officially launch a storied career in Los Angeles with the opening of the celebrity hot spot of the 80s and 90s, Spago. Though Puck’s inventive cuisine has remained the core of his popularity, his charming, energetic persona is what pushed him to a stratosphere of fame that would eventually include countless TV appearances, cookbooks and restaurants that span the globe.

Using a wealth of archival material and eye-dazzling cinematography of Puck’s truly mouth-watering food, Gelb expertly brings us into the kitchen—and the mind—of this obsessively hard-working and inspirational virtuoso. Be prepared to leave hungry. —Liza Domnitz

Cast & Credits
Directed by
David Gelb

David Gelb is an Emmy® and Grammy-nominated producer and director and a founding partner of the production company Supper Club. Best known for his critically acclaimed documentary feature Jiro Dreams of Sushi, he is also the co-creator of the Netflix award-winning series Chef’s Table, now in its eighth season, and Street Food.

David Gelb
Jason Sterman, Brian McGinn, David Gelb
Brian McGinn
Will Basanta
Stenfert Charles
Arielle Zakowski, Brad Grossman
Executive Producer
Samantha Polan
Associate Producer
Gabriella Pinel
Jamie McBriety
US Distributor
Production Company
Supper Club
Wolfgang Puck, Barbara Lazaroff, Byron Puck, Christina Puck, Nancy Silverton, Evan Funke, Ruth Reichl, Laurie Ochoa, Michael Ovitz

Press Contact
Tiffany Malloy
Tiffical Public Relations
Oradell, NJ 07649
Phone: 201 925 1122
Print Source
Jason Sterman
Supper Club
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Phone: 201 925 1122
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