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Metronome (In Time)


World Premiere

USA | 13 MINUTES | English |


New York, Music
In this wordless fable, an ailing elderly maestro (David Patrick Kelly) and a young piano prodigy (Gabriel Gurevich) venture out of their musical isolation in hopes of selling their beloved piano.

Playing in: Shorts: Streetwise

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Directed by Scott Lochmus

Scott Lochmus has directed for artists including the Rolling Stones and Prince, and global events including the World Cup. As producer, his credits include the 2018 Tribeca Audience Award-winning To Dust.
Scott Floyd Lochmus
Valerie Steinberg
Scott Floyd Lochmus
Joel Froome
Wyatt Smith, Scott Floyd Lochmus
Ariel Marx
Executive Producer
Elaine Thomas, Jonathan Gray, Ron Curtis
Production Designer
Lorenza Astengo
Costume Designer
Stephanie Powers
Co-Executive Producer
Ken Druckerman, Mary Vernieu
Production Manager
Nabil Elbehri
David Patrick Kelly, Gabriel Gurevich, Patrick Cannell, Adaku Ononogbo, Mehdi Barakchian, Valerie Steinberg


International Sales Contact
Valerie Steinberg
Valerie Steinberg Productions
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: 818 312 2638
US Sales Contact
Valerie Steinberg
Valerie Steinberg Productions
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: 818 312 2638
Print Source
Scott Lochmus
Storyland Pictures
Phone: 917 755 5225
Press Contact
Sylvy Fernandez
Tribeca Film Festival