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Good Girl Jane

US Narrative Competition

World Premiere

FEATURE | United States | 117 MINUTES | English |


Women, Drama

Struggling to fit in in her new school and reeling from the fallout of her parent’s recent divorce, lonely LA high schooler Jane falls in with a rambunctious crowd, and becomes smitten with their charming drug supplier, Jamie. Jane’s thrilling, new, drug-fueled popularity soon spirals downward into the dark and ugly, her family helpless to pull her out of a world she’s reluctant to leave.

This tense coming-of age drama depicts the despair of teen angst with gritty authenticity, delivering a cautionary tale about the exhilaration of belonging and the perils of falling for the wrong guy. Intimate, intense, and superbly acted by the ensemble of actors featuring Rain Spencer as Jane, Patrick Gibson as Jamie, and Andie MacDowell as the beleaguered mom, this sharply written story captures the desperation and vulnerability that can lead to dangerously reckless choices. Stylish cinematography, notably the handheld camerawork, and sharp editing, create a strong visual language; the moody score is spare and effective. All of it comes together under the confident direction of Sarah Elizabeth Mintz in her impressive directorial debut. Inspired by a true story.--Karen McMullen


Directed by Sarah Elizabeth Mintz

Sarah Elizabeth Mintz
Fred Bernstein, Dominique Telson, Lauren Pratt, Sarah Elizabeth Mintz, Simone Williams
Sarah Elizabeth Mintz
Jake Saner
Harrison Atkins
Executive Producer
Rick Jackson
Rain Spencer, Patrick Gibson, Andie MacDowell, Odessa A'Zion, Olan Prenatt, Eloisa Huggins


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International Sales Contact
Abraham Bengio
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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