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End of Night

Tribeca Immersive: Best of Season – Out of Competition

North American Premiere

Denmark | 49 MINUTES | English |


1943. You are sitting in a boat with Josef. He is rowing from Nazi-occupied Denmark to safety in neutral Sweden. As the boat crosses the ocean, the sea gives way to the streets and the people that inhabit his mind. Your journey together becomes a living landscape of the painful recollections from the night of his escape. As dawn draws near, you will witness the trauma of his escape and the grueling choices that those on the run make in order to survive.


Produced by
MAKROPOL (Mikkel Skov, Mads Damsbo)
MAKROPOL (Mikkel Skov, Mads Damsbo)
David Adler
Sound Designer
Mads Michelsen
Key Collaborator
Executive Producer: Mads Damsbo, Technical Director Bastian Leonhardt Strube, Art-Director: Gustav Pontoppidan, Director of Volumetric Photography:Balder Brüsch, Sound Designer Mads Michelsen, Light Director Frederik Hilmer
Project Creator
David Adler
Technical Director
Bastian Leonhardt Strube
Art Director
Gustav Pontoppidan
Paul Mezier, Mikkel Skov
Executive Producer (Main Credit)
Mads Damsbo
David Adler
Director of Volumetric Photography
Balder Brüsch
Light Director
Frederik Hilmer
Hans Frederik Jacobsen
Lead Artists
Gustav Pontoppidan