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Crown Vic

Spotlight Narrative

World Premiere

USA | 110 MINUTES | English |


Action, Drama, Thriller
Crown Vic follows two police officers (Thomas Jane and Luke Kleintank) at opposite ends of their career over the course of a single, tumultuous night in the Olympic Division of Los Angeles. A rookie looking to escape from the shadow of his father finds his first patrol spiraling towards a search for a missing girl and a violent hunt for two cop killers on the loose. A squad car becomes a home to the musings of the rookie and his older partner as they chase down a motley crew of increasingly aggressive suspects, roaming their patrol zone, looking for trouble.

The orange-bathed streets of LA play foil to grounded, naturalistic performances from Jane and Kleintank. Contrasting scenes of pulsating violence, Crown Vic is a wild ride of a thriller that wrestles with the grey area between justice and law.

—Joe Yanick


Directed by Joel Souza

Joel Souza is a filmmaker based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lives with his wife and two children. The gritty cop drama Crown Vic is Souza’s theatrical feature debut.
Joel Souza
Anjul Nigam, Gregg Bello, Alec Baldwin, Maxx Tsai
Joel Souza
Thomas Scott Stanton
Executive Producer
Steve Straka, Matthew Helderman, Luke Taylor
Alyson Latz
Director of Photography
Thomas Scott Stanton
David Andalman
Jeffery Alan Jones
Production Designer
Debbi De Villa
Casting Director
Avy Kaufman
Thomas Jane, Luke Kleintank, Gregg Bello, Josh Hopkins, David Krumholtz, Bridget Moynahan


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