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Tribeca Immersive: Best of Season – Out of Competition

North American Premiere

South Africa | 16 MINUTES | Afrikaans, English, isiZulu |


Positioned at the intersection of virtual reality and installation art, Container takes viewers on an ever-transforming journey, beginning at Clifton Beach, Cape Town, where lie the graves of the 221 enslaved men and women who drowned in shackles when a slave ship sank in 1794. Through a mix of documentary and constructed reality, viewers are taken on an unknown journey into the world of products and people.

Installation at Tribeca supported by Unity for Humanity.


Produced by
Ingrid Kopp, Steven Markovitz, Caitlin Robinson
Ingrid Kopp, Steven Markovitz, Caitlin Robinson
Project Creator
Simon Wood, Meghna Singh
Executive Producer
Ingrid Kopp , Steven Markovitz, Caitlin Robinson,
Rehane Abrahams, Sanda Shandu, Albert Pretorius, Han Sung Ha, Faith Kinniar, Tharwah Jacobs