Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps
World Premiere

Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps

2020 Official Selection: Indie Pilots
| United States | 18 MINUTES | English
Experimental, Comedy, Drama

While transgender men are rarely visible in the cultural imagination, amid tropes of transition and turmoil, the filmed interpretation of Scott Turner Schofield’s live work of the same name generated 127 pieces of short content (Steps) that deeply explore themes such as childhood, masculinity, love, sex, death, and survival.

Playing in: 2020: Pilot Season

Cast & Credits
Andrea James
Project Creator
Scott Turner Schofield
Andrea James, Scott Turner Schofield, Terra Naomi
Executive Producer (Main Credit)
Andrea James, Scott Turner Schofield
Scott Turner Schofield
Scott Turner Schofield
Unit Production Manager
Terra Naomi
Terra Naomi, Andrew Dost
Scott Turner Schofield


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