7. DJ Sets: Huerco S and Ade Kassim

7. DJ Sets: Huerco S and Ade Kassim

Tribeca Music Lounge

Saturday 6/11 11:30PM - 4:00AM

After party featuring two of the most exciting DJs from the NYC underground music scene.

Huerco S:

Fueled by an ethos less bound by genre and more bound by feeling, Brian Leeds makes music for the mind and for the (dance) floor, finding lost artifacts and carving out sounds that speak to an altered state of home.

His fast-evolving works as Huerco S - released on Software, Proibito, Opal Tapes, and Future Times - comes with a sonic palette of recontextualisation, low fidelity, and a subtle sense of humour long missing from the genre. 

His later ambient works, both as Huerco S and as Pendant, mark a shift away from the club and into a smeared landscape with no clear horizon, channeling an eerie but welcoming uncertainty.

Ade Kassim

DJ and producer based in NYC, Ade Kassim heads up label and radio show Telecom Aud.io, he usually brings his brand of dynamic electro, techno, house and beyond.

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