6. Live Show: Onyx Collective

6. Live Show: Onyx Collective

Tribeca Music Lounge

Saturday 6/11 7:30PM - 11:30PM

The sound of this experimental jazz group is firmly rooted in the New York jazz tradition and includes nods to the bop of Dizzy Gillespie and the moody, modal sounds of John Coltrane. Founded in 2014 by the saxophonist Isaiah Barr, the collective can feature as many as a dozen people onstage at a time, but its core includes the drummer Austin Williamson, the keyboardist Josh Benitez and the singer Julian Soto.


duendita is an artist hailing from Queens, New York. They write and produce their own music, imbuing it with a reverence for their ancestry and faith, carried by the airy nostalgia of their vocals. With their achy, bass-coated tones and mix of jazz, piano, soul, and R&B, duendita’s music is evocative of the complexities and sentimentality of the human experience.

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