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Nostradamus and Me

Unknown Premiere

16 MINUTES | English |


Dublin 1986. Nora has never kissed a boy, but who has time for that when the arms race is out of control and the world is falling apart? Now two Frenchmen are about to change her life: Antoine, the French exchange student, and Nostradamus, the seer. When Armageddon is this Saturday, is there time to seize the day?


Directed by Eilis Kirwan

Eilis Kirwan was born in 1972 and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. She studied English and History at University College Dublin. After graduation, she co-founded Doubletake Theatre Company, writing and producing original plays. In 2002 she won the New Line Development Award for her short script Nostradamus and Me, which also won the Tribeca Entertainment Award for Screenwriting at the 2004 Columbia Film Festival.