2. Live Show: Show Me the Body and YL

2. Live Show: Show Me the Body and YL

Tribeca Music Lounge

Friday 6/10 7:30PM - 11:30PM


Born and raised in Chelsea, Manhattan, YL is a true product of the city he grew up in. The influence is most notable in his music where he makes reference to specific places and aspects of city life so vividly, you are able to envision a slice of life through YLs eyes. From loosely listening to jazz at the Village Vanguard to skipping the line at The Jane Hotel, YL is able to romanticise and glorify the little moments in life that some might not think twice about. His music is both casual and rich. Themes of regret, hope and self reflection play major roles in most of his albums. YL is at his best when he is gliding over a sample spitting out line after line of dense lyrics and witty anecdotes.

Show Me The Body

Show Me The Body (SMTB) was formed in New York City in 2009. They released “Yellow Kidney” independently in 2015 followed by the “SMTB” EP released via the Letter Racer Collective that same year.

After signing with Loma Vista and releasing their debut album “Body War” in 2016, SMTB began touring the US and Europe. Upon returning home the band began a collaborative mixtape project called “Corpus 1” released in 2017. The mixtape featured a broad range of artists and friends who SMTB felt were comrades and innovators, marking the beginning of a community effort spearheaded by SMTB known as Corpus. In the same year, SMTB released a two song Ep called “Challenge Coin”, recorded at Electric Lady Land not far from where the band originated. Between the fall of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 SMTB produced and recorded three projects. All projects; “Grudge 2” by Dreamcrusher, “Machines Smoke” by Tripp Jones, and “Enemy” by Dog Breath, were released via Corpus. In 2019 SMTB presents their sophomore album, “Dog Whistle,” produced by Chris Coady, Show Me The Body, and Gabriel Millman (original drummer and in-house producer). Dog Whistle was written in Long Island City, Queens and recorded in Los Angeles California in the summer of 2018.


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